How do you see the Drosophila suzukii?

A short (about 15 min), simple and anonymous survey for growers of thin-scale fruits and berries in Skåne.

My name is Emilia Mühlhäuser and I am currently writing my thesis at SLU in Alnarp, in collaboration with SLU, HIR and JBV. My work is about how to work against Drosophila Suzukii in southern Sweden and how different parties look at the problem – from growers to researchers and advisors. One goal of my work is that it will lead to knowledge about the situation that can be of use to everyone involved in their continued work with D. Suzukii.

Whether you as a grower in Skåne look D. Suzukii as a problem or just “a fly”, so I am extremely grateful if you can answer my survey!

The questionnaire survey is tentatively closed on 1 April.

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